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  1. Alumina Beads

Suitable for both wet and dry grinding of alumina, zirconia silicate, feldspar, quartz, kaolin clay, glaze, inks and ceramics in Stirred and Ball mill. Not recommended for high speed strirred mill and sand mill.

  1. Zirconia Beads

Zirconia media has three key qualities that define it as unique from other media. High density, high hardness and high wear resistance. The high density and hardness of zirconia media allows high milling efficiency and productivity.

  1. Glass Beads

The first of the “engineered” class of grinding media,glass beads (small balls) and balls were developed specifically for grinding applications where sand wasn’t available. Glass is manufactured in various grades (Lead-free Soda Lime, borosilicate, low alkali,black glass and others) in sizes from 1 micron to 2 inches. Good Wear properties coupled with reasonable roundness means this is the best material to start with when conducting grinding trials. Low cost. High quality glass beads are ideally suited and widely used in continuous production sand or pearl mills,operating in the vertical or horizontal plane or variations thereof for example batch type centrifugal discharge mills or machines dispersing by a process of attrition. They are used as the grinding medium not only in the paint, printing, ink and dyestuffs industries but also in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and other industries which employ dispersion by micro.

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